Panel Manufacturing

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Company also engaged in manufacturing of different kinds of panel with pre define standard and as per requisites of customers. To full fill customer need and providing them best value for money we always try our best to reduce cost and improve quality in all possible manners.

VFD based control panel

VFD based system having vast advantages over system without VFD and same applicable in DC Drive based system. The system driven by Induction motor and Slip ring motor in which we always find problem of bearing damaged, regular maintenance, mechanical wear & tear, field shorting due to unhealthy power source, winding burn out etc. Now a days mostly all induction motor driven by Variable Frequency Drive (AC Drive) cause advantages in terms energy saving and down mechanical breakdown. We can conclude that VFD (AC Drive) is advantageous in terms of smooth starting, reduce mechanical losses & breakdown also in some case it’s directly save the energy.

PLC/HMI based control panel

As we talk about present’s scenario most of the OEM’s want something special about their machine with reference of others. Even small scale manufacturer also take an interest in PLC/HMI and SCADA based industrial automation solutions. Today generally we found 3 out of 5 machines having automatic system to fulfill customer needs and with stand in present’s competitive market.  That’s the only reason that Indian market can also compete the rest of the world market in terms of Position and Motion control systems. Here, we introduce ourselves as system solution provider by means of PLC/HMI and SCADA. We providing service and application support for all makes of PLC and SCADA system.

Power Control Center-PCC & APFC panel

We serve you LT line power control center with single or multiple inputs with requisites logics. In same system we can add interlocks with fault indication and required protection for the same. With these decided facilities we also provide you customized configure panel with different topologies. Here we can add APFC part in same panel with needed digital panel meter and alarm indications. If we discuss about power conditioning system then power factor correction is must be there. We regularly provide APFC panel for Steel plant, Processing plant, Textile division, Food and Beverages, Refineries, Paper mill, CNC job-work station etc.

Motor Control Center-MCC Panel

In many commercial and industrial applications we found many of motors are there, which are going to control form a central location. The apparatus for this function is said as “Motor control center” (MCC). This MCC are one kind of physical groupings or say combination starter is a single enclosure containing motor starter, fuses / breakers etc. Where ever motors are used, this must be control by means of various control products, like wise relay and contactor base logic for motor start stop and control in different operation modes. The overload relay protects the motor by disconnecting power to the motor when an overload condition exists. Although the overload relay provides protection form overloads, it does not provide short-circuit protection for the wiring supplying power to the motor. For same reason, a circuit breakers or fuses also are used.